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Security Solutions


Access control safeguards facilities and businesses of all sizes protecting employees and assets. Hosted access control can put solutions at your fingertips. Today's systems reduce risk with features that restrict access by time of day and per location for specified individuals. Restricting access within your facility also increases the overall safety to your employees. By integrating the access control system with email servers, reports can be created and instant alerts sent out that provide real time actionable data to the end user. CSI designs, installs, and maintains the industry-leading access control solutions. Solutions that reduce business risk, increase safety for the employees and the facility while also providing data to prevent future threats.


Securing doors and access points is essential to ensure that a facility is impregnable after hours, as well as, during the work day. Intrusion detection systems also provide instant notification of environmental information such as water overflow, or when the temperature or humidity gets out of the specified, acceptable range. These sensors help to ensure a site is always protected and healthy. Smart phone apps provide a clear portal into the facility giving the ability to perform remotely any necessary action to ensure security. Trusting in the system brings peace of mind knowing your employees are safe, your facility is secure, and your assets are protected.


Intercom and paging are an essential part of the security plan. These systems provide the proper authentication and verification of individuals requesting access. When intercom and paging systems are used throughout the facilities they significantly reduce operating costs. Features such as LAN and WAN connectivity, document review, audio communication, video analyses, along with different types of internal wall, desk or PC communication methods allow a system integrator like CSI, to precisely match the needs of your business flow with the architecture and environmental conditions at all sites.


Not only can doors, windows and walkways be monitored 24/7 but CSI can add other sensors that monitor water levels, humidity conditions and even power levels at your facility. In the event of an alarm, an effectively monitored system will instantly alert personnel through apps on a smart device. Issues can be resolved or resources dispatched within minutes. The monitoring of these systems gives confidence and peace of mind regarding the health and security of your facility.


Certain businesses risk levels require verification of every person gaining access and exiting a facility. In those instances a turnstile is an effective solution, protecting assets and to control the flow of people. Turnstiles are a good option for secured entry and integrate with virtually any access control system. Turnstiles can be as intrusive as those you see at a ball game or as inconspicuous as a lane to walk through, uninhibited. CSI has extensive experience installing turnstiles and can provide analysis to help choose the best device keeping risk, as well as, aesthetics in mind.

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