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Welcome to CSI...

Welcome to Centennial Security Integration (CSI), your trusted partner in pioneering security and electrical solutions. We're here to redefine how you perceive safety, efficiency, and innovative technology. At CSI, we blend robust credentials - a NYCDOB Master Electricians’ License #10392/004934 and a NY State security and alarm installer license #12000266038 - with an unwavering commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction.
With a proud legacy spanning over 19 years, we've built a rich tapestry of success stories by providing unique and innovative solutions for our diverse clientele, which includes commercial businesses and government agencies. Our foundation is cemented by reliability and trust, showcased by our robust insurance coverage and a bonding capacity of up to $5,000,000 on a single project and $25,000,000 aggregate.
Our offerings are driven by a futuristic vision. Our portfolio includes avant-garde technologies like AI-powered surveillance systems, IoT-enabled access controls, biometric authentication, and intelligent alarm systems, all designed to provide seamless integration, top-tier security, and convenience for our clients.
Our team, a perfect blend of military and civilian operational expertise, excels in all facets of our services: from designing and installing to integrating, managing, and maintaining these advanced systems. We are experts in not just providing security solutions but creating an ecosystem of safety and efficiency.
At CSI, we understand that modern security is about comprehensive risk mitigation, managing credentials, ensuring accountability, and providing complete building oversight, regardless of whether it's a single building or an expansive property portfolio. We are adept at dealing with the intricacies of disparate technologies, the nuances of legacy systems, and the administration of modern elevator technologies.
We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to prompt and efficient maintenance of systems and our ability to instill confidence in our clients. Our meticulous system reviews have become an invaluable asset for property managers, fortifying their corporate security plans, and minimizing potential risks.

Discover how we can empower your organization with our state-of-the-art security and electrical solutions. Join us at CSI as we continue our journey in creating a safer, more secure world.

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