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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to our employees, customers, communities and environment because it’s right. It’s right for our company, our people and our world. And our commitment to that belief has never been stronger.


To be successful in our key areas, we continue to invest in our employees, clients and communities; remain aware of our impact on the environment; and adhere to strong governance and risk management practices.

Reaching for a More Sustainable World

CSI is committed to the Five Principles for Sustainable Communities:


  • Enhancing liveability.

  • Creating opportunities for economic prosperity.

  • Fostering environmental responsibility.

  • Embracing design excellence.

  • Demonstrating visionary leadership and strong governance.

Focus on the Environment

  • We seek to minimize vehicle usage by allowing employees to take their work vehicles home, therefor reducing the mileage which would have been spent to and from the office. A majority  of these are newer reduced-sized commercial vehicles which results in lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • Generally, our installers utilize equipment that makes a minimal impact on our surroundings in terms of waste generation, emissions to air and water and in terms of the need to recycle. Our employees electric hand tools are built to a high standard with a robust exterior capable of lasting many years and with careful maintenance, thus the need to replace them is minimized.

  • Placing focus on the environment, CSI’s main office is equipped with low consumption LED lighting which reduced energy consumption.

Supplier Diversity


  • Our supply chain organization works with diverse-owned businesses, which offer varied perspectives, unique skills and innovative thinking that help us better serve our customers.

  • As part of our efforts to help drive community and economic development, we work with many small and diverse-owned businesses, including those such as enterprises which are controlled by minorities, women, veterans, etc.

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