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Key Markets - State & Local Government

With our experience in state and local government projects, CSI understands the need for flexible security solutions. From city and county municipalities, to state agencies and organizations, we have collaborated with clients to drive interoperability between departments…understanding fully the importance of communication between them.

While versed in the general contracting vehicle processes and associated buying exercises, we have built trusted business partnerships with the most discerning of government agencies at all levels due to our intimate knowledge of their businesses and our design/build expertise – both tactical and strategic. We design, install, and service single locations, full campuses, and projects in between with a full suite of physical security solutions.

Video surveillance and access control is becoming more and more necessary for city & state agencies. In the process of designing these systems, we have developed trusted business partnerships with agencies at various levels of the government due to our intimate understanding of their needs and our security expertise. The end result is a full suite of security solutions and associated infrastructure – all uniquely tailored to each government entity’s needs.

We also offer a maintenance and service plan that ensures your systems perform optimally via on-site and remote response. From the time you contact us to discuss your security requirements to the time we begin training your personnel on system operation, we will strive to listen, understand, and provide the optimal solution for your municipality, county, school, or state agency.

Ready to secure your facility with the most advanced technology? Contact us today.

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