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Key Markets - Commercial Buildings

To properly secure a commercial office building, both access control and IP-based video are required. These components help property management companies control perimeters, interior doors, turnstiles, and elevators, as well as parking lots and decks. CSI will design and install a complete security system to meet your building’s needs. Individual tenants can have their own systems and use the same cards or key fobs for access to the building and entering the property in their vehicle. This is a major selling point for property management companies, as prospective tenants can be confident in your commitment to safety. New state-of-the-art wireless locking devices provide less costly installations while maintaining top-notch security.

We also offer a customizable maintenance and service plan that can reveal potential issues and avoid system downtime. Additionally, CSI provides on-site and remote response, which secures your investment and keeps your facility protected.

At every step of the way, from consultation all the way through installation and training, CSI is committed to providing extraordinary technology, outstanding customer service, and a system that meets your needs.

Ready to secure your building with the most advanced technology? Contact us today.

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