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Key Markets - Healthcare

Hospitals and medical centers need an integrated system to help secure very diverse areas, ranging from busy emergency rooms, operating rooms, pharmacies, and administrative offices to more remote parking decks and lots. Whether it’s a single-building medical center or a widespread, multi-site health system, CSI can work with you to create a system that caters to your facility’s specific needs.

Access control, video surveillance, panic alarms, intrusion detection, and emergency call boxes can prove crucial to the day-to-day activities on these vast campuses, and we know that in a business as unpredictable as the healthcare sector, constant vigilance is a requirement. We can facilitate your peace of mind by keeping your campus secure and maintained through our customizable service plan and preventative maintenance.

When it comes to healthcare, nobody understands the importance of campus security like CSI. We have extensive knowledge of healthcare-specific challenges – and our understanding of Joint Commission and HIPAA provides added value for our clients. We also offer maintenance and service plans with on-site and remote response to keep your systems performing the way they should.

Ready to secure your medical campus with the most advanced technology? Contact us today.

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